Some practicals about prophecy

Hi Friends, As you know, we have been in a sermon series about what we do at our Sunday Service and why we do them. I hope this series gives you a deeper Biblical understanding of why God commands us not to neglect being together as a church (Hebrews 10:25) and how... Read more

The missional benefts of having roots

A few weeks ago, I visited a chiropractor for some neck pain I was having. I haven’t been to one for years, so I decided to try someone local since I was starting fresh. During my adjustment, he asked me questions about what I do, and I shared about being a... Read more

What a night!

This past Sunday night, we had the opportunity to host a Family Fun Night at our local park. Each of our small groups came up with carnival games and prizes for the kids, there was free food, fun music, and then we capped things off with watching a movie on a huge... Read more

The Words for Witnessing

Hi Friends, This Sunday, we saw Jesus instructing His disciples about how they should bear witness to what they had experienced in Him. Bearing witness is not about being skillful but being truthful and telling what you know. Since, as Christians, we have all... Read more

Suggestions for Summer Rest

The summer is officially here. Praise God, the pandemic is mainly at bay, and things are getting back to normal. Once again, vacations are being booked and trips planned. After so much hardship, it definitely feels like a lot of us need a break and some rest. God... Read more