Hi Friends,

This Sunday marks the start of the Advent season. Advent is the Latin word for “coming.” Advent is a season in the Church calendar dedicated to the hopeful anticipation for the arrival or “advent” of Jesus of Nazareth. For over a thousand years, the church has celebrated the coming of Jesus during the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Christians have used this season to pray, read scripture, and meditate on the coming of Jesus at Christmas and His second coming at the end of time. We will start our Sunday Service at Christ Church over the next four weeks, lighting one of the advent candles: Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love. We also encourage you to find a devotional, listen to music, and read books that help you meditate on the coming of Christ.

Here is a webpage that has some recommended resources that we think will help you do that.  https://www.risenmotherhood.com/advent

May Christ be richly treasured in our hearts during this Advent season.

By grace,

Pastor Jeff