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Thanks for joining us via Livestream! We know this isn’t the same as being in person. Church means “gathering” and God has created us to be at our best through gathering together in community. But if you are just checking out Christ Church, we hope this experience shows you a little about who we are, and what we value, as you consider your spiritual next steps. If you are a part of our church family, we hope this helps you stay connected through whatever is currently causing you to miss being with the church.
May the grace of God, the love of Christ and the fellowship of the Spirit be with you!
The Christ Church Team

Welcome to the September 26th Livestream Service!

Do you ever feel squeezed dry by life?  Ever been wrung out, bone-tired, feeling like you have nothing left to give?  Life can be hard and draining.  But there is a gift God has given to us that is meant to pour life into us.  Join us this Sunday as we continue in our Sacred Rest series and consider A Theological Vision for Congregational Singing.

Sermon Title: “A Theological Vision for Congregational Singing”  |  Sermon Text: Colossians 3:16

The streaming of our service will begin just prior to the start time. We will be streaming through both here on YouTube and Facebook Live:

9am Service

May 16th Service Details

11am Service