In the book of Acts, one of the common themes is that the church would gather together to praise God and pray. Through praise, their hearts were lifted to God, and in prayer, they were able to minister the grace of God to one another.  

This Sunday night at 6pm, we will get an opportunity to praise, pray, and minister together. While we do these things in our regular Sunday Service every time we gather, I’m looking forward to having extended time in praise and ministry on Sunday night. I believe God will meet us in powerful ways, and I hope your anticipation is building as well.

Here are a few things to consider as we prepare to enjoy this time together

  • We are going to have time to share testimonies of God’s faithfulness. Is there something that God might want you to share about His goodness to you? An answered prayer, merciful provision, or sweet providence?
  • What has God been speaking to you about lately? Has He been highlighting one of his attributes, bringing a particular scripture to mind, or laying something on your heart?  
  • Where have you felt burdened? What’s been hard about life? Where do you want to experience the healing touch of Jesus?

You won’t be expected to pray or share. Some people enjoy coming and participating through observing. God can minister in all kinds of ways. But I hope the questions above give you some categories for prayerfully considering how God might want to minister to you and through you.

Also, we decided not to formally announce this, but if you feel led to fast Friday through Sunday in preparation for this time together, I would encourage you to do so. It’s been a while since we have fasted together as a church, and I’m looking forward to leading us back into regular rhythms of this spiritually healthy habit. If you are unfamiliar with fasting, here is a helpful article that talks more about this Biblical practice.

With love, 

Pastor Jeff