Catechism Question #2 Follow Up

As a church we are going through the New City Catechism (  The goal of doing this is to help us grow in our understanding of God’s word and how it applies to our life, so that our joy in God would be increased to His glory. Here’s what we... Read more

Sunday Service Preview 2/17/19

Hi Friends, This Sunday we are kicking off the series that our pastors in training and pastoral interns are going to be doing called “Values”.  We’ll get back into our regular series “Luke: Jesus Unfiltured” the following week.  I’m... Read more

Story Saturday: Love for God’s Word

At Christ Church we believe the Bible is God’s revealed word and seek to intentionally build our lives into its truth.  We model this every single week through our Sunday Service liturgy. Call to Worship directs us to God’s word Singing is how we prepare our hearts to... Read more

Sermon Follow Up: A Contradiction?

Every Sunday we give people the opportunity to text in questions that they have about the sermon, because we value the process of discovery. Here’s a question from this past Sunday: Last week we talked about how the gospels never contradicts themselves.  However, we... Read more

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