Satisfy us in the morning

Hi Friends, In the sermon this past Sunday, I encouraged us to consider making Bible reading and prayer the way to start our day. Obviously, you can read your Bible and pray at any time throughout the day. However, Scripture does seem to place a priority on doing it... Read more

Advent 2022

Hi Friends, This Sunday marks the start of the Advent season. Advent is the Latin word for “coming.” Advent is a season in the Church calendar dedicated to the hopeful anticipation for the arrival or “advent” of Jesus of Nazareth. For over a... Read more

Serving Sunday- Discover Your Part!

Hi Friends, We are excited about Serving Sunday, your opportunity to get more plugged in at Christ Church! Each of you has a purpose that God wants you to discover in His church and a joy that He wants to give you through this purpose. So this Sunday everyone has an... Read more

Bible Reading Plans

In yesterday’s sermon I encouraged us to consider regularly reading through the Bible.  As God’s word it is the daily spiritual sustance that our souls need.  Like any healthy diet, it is best to not “eat” (read) haphazardly, but with... Read more