Pastor Jeff’s February Reading List

Hi Friends, I often get asked what books I am currently reading and so at the beginning of the year I promised to do a monthly blog post on the books that I read that past month.  Below is my February list.  I’d love to hear what you are reading! Apologetics The... Read more

Episode 4- Digging Deeper

Hi Friends, Here is episode 4 of our digging deeper podcast.  Not only do we answer some questions about the sermon, but we also get into some bonus material about style tips and thrifty shopping.  Haha, it was a lot of fun to do this episode and we hope it serves... Read more

Sunday Follow Up: Best cheesesteaks?

Hi Friends, Here is the link to our latest podcast.  Matt and I cover a range of topics from the best cheese steak in Philly to the nature of God’s active and/or passive judgment. ... Read more

2020 Prayer Requests

Hi Friends, It was good to be together at our Family Meeting this past Sunday.  I am so excited for all that God has in store for us in 2020! As a pastoral team we are feeling burden to continue to have us focus as a church family on praying for: Discipleship,... Read more

Sunday Service Preview 2/16/20

Hi Friends, Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, but it is exactly what we need to hear.  True change comes from being challenged.  This Sunday we are going to be looking at some challenging words that Jesus spoke. Yet, he spoke these words because he loves us and... Read more