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Daily Devotional 5/14/20: Jesus, Dwell in Us

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Daily Devotional 5/11/20: Are you missing this? UNREALIZED blessing?

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Christ Church Sunday Service Preview

Hi Friends, Scripture is clear that we are wired to thrive in community.  But relationships can be tough and sometimes its hard to find staying power. This Sunday we will be looking at Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 how God designed us to work together and His plan for our unity.  God wants to give us convictions about ...

Daily Devotional 5/5/20: What are your limits?

Click here for today’s daily devotional In this video, Pastor Jeff walks through how Psalm 16 teaches us that they way to do more for kingdom of God is to embrace the limits that God sets on us. Only by embracing who God has made us to be can we be effective in what God ...

Daily Devotional

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