This past Sunday night, we had the opportunity to host a Family Fun Night at our local park. Each of our small groups came up with carnival games and prizes for the kids, there was free food, fun music, and then we capped things off with watching a movie on a huge blow up screen. The place was packed, and it was a blast as we were able to reach hundreds of families. This past week I’ve been stopped numerous times on the street by neighbors thanking us for what a blessing our church is to our community. One neighbor said, “I just can’t imagine what we’d do without you.” Another told me, “I don’t believe in Jesus, but you guys sure make it hard to not take him seriously.”

This is who we want to be as a church; we want to be known in our community for doing good deeds in the name of Jesus Christ. When fear, division, and polarization are being pushed in every corner of our society, we as a church want to spread love, joy, and beauty. Not so that we look great, but so that God gets the glory.

Would you pray that God would use the many seeds that were sown to continue to have people ask questions about the Christian faith and drawn their hearts to Him? Whether they end up in our church or not, we want our neighbors to come to know the salvation that is in Christ. So let’s pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He would bring in a harvest of souls for the glory of His name.

By Grace,
Pastor Jeff