Hi Friends,

It was soooo good to see some of you this past Sunday.  Most of the morning, I was having a hard time holding back tears.  I have missed you all so much and it did my soul good to be able to see some of you.  I thought everyone present did an excellent job observing our safety standards of keeping social distance and wearing masks at appropriate times.  Here’s a video that really captures our time together https://youtu.be/d4Be5iHpRAU  As always, our goal is continual improvement.  So we are working hard to make this outdoor experience even better for this coming Sunday.  Big shout out to our staff, Joe Catoe and Rose Wortman, who are on the front lines of coordinating all the logistics for us to be able to come together for this outdoor worship service.

Originally our plan was to offer two services to prevent overcrowding.  However, after experiencing a church service in this space, the pastoral team has reconsidered that decision.  This space is so big that overcrowding is not really an issue.  The Governor has put a limit of 250 on outdoor gatherings.  The Mayor put a limit of 50.  However, after talking with the health department and other members of our city government, they have told us that the 50 person limit is only a recommendation for churches, not a requirement.  Also, after describing the outdoor meeting space we are in, it could be considered multiple meeting spaces.  So we feel ok to move forward with only having one service.  If space becomes an issue in the future, then we can always go back to two services if need.  As with everything during this pandemic, we are going to take things a week at a time.  For this Sunday our worship service will start at 10am and our prayer meeting at 9am.

This is going to be a great Sunday Service coming up.  We are going to hear a testimony from our most recent Hope House graduate, which is going to be awesome!  Also, we are starting our new series “Questioning Christianity” looking at some of the hardest questions and most significant doubts about the Christian faith.  I truly believe God is going to use this series to help all of us grow in our faith, equip us to share our faith, and prepare us to hold fast to our faith.  This would be a great service to invite out a friend, co-worker, neighbor or family member, whether online or in person.

I’m praying for you and I love you!

On behalf of the pastors,

Pastor Jeff