Hi Friends,

This past Sunday I got together with our leaders and spent some time talking about all that we saw God do in 2019.  I can’t get into all the specific stories on this blog post, but here are a few highlights that you should know.

  1. We had 14 people come to faith in Jesus Christ.  That’s 14 people going from eternal death to eternal life.  Praise God!
  2. We added 34 new members to our church and 20 of them had never been a member of a church before.  God is moving to care for His people and get them connected to His body.
  3. We had 8 men graduate from our Hope House program and get plugged back into the community with stable jobs and housing, and most importantly,serving the Lord.
  4. We reached over 2,000 people through our Easter Outreach and Summer Festival.  Several of them have gotten plugged into our church and we were able to help several others get connected to churches in their neighborhood.
  5. We were able to pay all the bills for our church building and keep our lights on-Something I never take for granted!
  6. We started supporting various missionaries around the world in countries that I can’t name, because they are unreached and Christianity is illegal.  However, God is doing great work through their efforts and we hear reports of testimonies regularly.
  7. We strengthened our relationships with our 2 local elementary schools and local high school and are setup to do even more ministry to the next generation.
  8. We ordained two men for pastoral ministry and are benefiting from them in tremendous ways.

Here’s a quote from one of the people that became a member of our church this year, ”

“You would think that at the age of 72 my best years are behind me.  But I am so excited for my future, for the future of this body, for the future of my church- I can’t believe I get to say that, “My church.”  It has been 25 years since I was in a church.  God is doing something special through this church beyond what you could ever understand. Praise you Jesus, thank you Lord.”

Yes and amen,

Pastor Jeff