Hi Friends,

I am looking forward to gathering with you on Zoom at 8pm for our monthly church prayer meeting.  How desperately we need to seek God at all times, but especially during this time!

Here are a few things that we can keep in prayer for Christ Church.  This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but just some things for you to start praying about this week.

  1.  Wisdom for how we can best participate in His mission during this challenging time.
  2. Humility and love in our relationships with each other.  Difference of opinions are going to abound as we navigate the various stages of reopening.  What matters most to God is how we walk out those differences in unity together.
  3. Provision for those in need as the economic fallout continues and potentially worsens in the coming months.
  4. Wisdom for governmental leadership and protection the temptation to be driven by political and personal agendas.
  5. Help for those who suffer from mental illnesses as this season of challenge has put even more pressure on them.
  6. Healing for families who have relational strains that are being made worse through this time of quarantine.
  7. Encouragement for those on the front lines of fighting back against this pandemic.  It’s been a long season and fatigue can easily settle in.
  8. Provision for the poor in third world countries as this time has made them even more vulnerable
  9. Protection for those who are vulnerable to the more serious effects of COVID-19.
  10. Faith to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as God continues to direct us all during this uncertainty.

What would you add to this prayer list?  I’d love to hear from you!  You can email me at jeff@christchurchsouthphilly.org, or reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

God bless,

Pastor Jeff