Midweek Miscellanies (5/26/21) – An assortment of articles, book recommendations, blog posts, podcasts and other links that we hope you find helpful.

Living on Mission this Summer: Practical ideas for engaging our neighbors with gospel intentionality this summer.

Q&A: Paul Tripp Answers Your Questions about Marriage: Author Paul Tripp answers questions about healthy communication, asking forgiveness, offering correction, and reigniting a sense of romance.

In a World of Narratives, Be Radically Committed to Reality: I’m convinced that the biggest emerging fissure in Western culture is not necessarily between political left and right as much as those fiercely committed to reality (even when it goes against the narrative) and those who elevate the narrative (whether left or right) above reality.

8 Ways to Help a Friend When You Suspect Domestic Abuse: “I speak with many people who are trying to help a friend whom they suspect is in an abusive marriage. Many are uncertain about the extent of the problem, but they fear for their friend and want to help…..Here are eight suggestions to guide you as you help your friend.”

How to Hear a Sermon Well: Helpful thoughts on listening well.

Why I Memorize Books of the Bible: “For nearly forty years now, I have been probing the storehouses of treasure in God’s word, like Edmond Dantès taking inventory of the value and quantity of gems and coins that filled the chest he discovered on the tiny island of Monte Cristo. The Bible is a limitless treasure! And nothing I have ever done in life has enabled me to take stock of this treasure as much as the discipline of extended memorization of Scripture.”

Why Is Listening So Hard?: “I don’t suppose I need to convince you that the apostle is right when he says we should be “quick to hear.” You know that listening is good..….But if it’s so obvious that listening is good, why is listening so hard?”
In Christ,

Pastor Matt