Midweek Miscellanies (9/8/21) –

What I Had Wrong About Evangelism:  “The secret to evangelism—and something I missed for many years—is identity. When we miss this, we perceive evangelism as a guilt-driven task rather than part of joyful intimacy with God.”

Podcast Pick: Join author Dane Ortlund as he reads daily from his devotional on the Psalms In the Lord I Take Refuge.

Giving Has a Boomerang Effect: I enjoyed this short reminder about our call to generosity and the Lord’s provision for us.

Five Things to Say to Help a Depressed Christian:  Direction on what can help a Christian who finds themselves dealing with depression.

I Despised Her to My Shame: “As we reflect on what is happening in Afghanistan right now, let us not only remember those precious few who already believe on Christ now facing violent persecution. Let us remember that Gospel seed has been spread there. Let us remember that many of God’s people worldwide have prayed for Afghanistan’s people. We must remember those that earnestly prayed and spoke while they could. May we pray for the many refugees who have fled, that they would readily seek and find Christ where they settle.”

God Scares Me to Death: “God is sovereign. He does as he pleases. This comforts some people—and terrifies others.”

What Do They Hear?: “What is the song of your life people around you hear? Do they hear something that sounds like Jesus? Are they able to pick out from among the chords and notes of your daily life a song that reminds them of the Savior?”
In Christ,
Pastor Matt