Free Audiobook: Humility by Andrew Murray

The Book Jesus Loved Most – What Unlocked the Old Testament for Me: “I have found that when people who love the Bible and love Christ are shown how to see Christ from the beginning to the end of the Bible, their joy explodes. Seeing the beauty, sufficiency, and necessity of Jesus Christ from every part of the Bible — including from the Old Testament — has the power to truly, deeply, and eternally change our lives.”

The Americans Who Don’t Want to Leave Afghanistan: This was encouraging. Let us pray for the Americans who don’t want to leave Afghanistan. “Every time President Biden or Press Secretary Jen Psaki talk about the American withdrawal from Afghanistan they refer to evacuating Americans “who want to leave Afghanistan.” On the surface it seems like an odd description. Don’t all Americans want to leave Afghanistan? Who actually wants to stay in a place where the Taliban are figuring out what it looks like to rule again? “

Reductionism: The Disease That Breeds Conflict: I found this an important and insightful post at what lies at the heart of much of our conflicts. “ I hate conflict…..But this can make it tough to live in our world, since we have so very much conflict these days, over COVID and climate change, politics and personal freedom, meaning and morals. But beneath all that conflict, there’s a disease. It’s what we might call a mental disease: reductionism.”

After death, life: “The way of Jesus is the way of resurrection. That’s the people that we are. Everything that dies in Christ comes alive. Hopes. Dreams. Failed godly intentions. Everything.”

The Stranger in Smokeland: “In his book Lessons from the Upper Room, Sinclair Ferguson provides an allegory he titles “The Stranger in Smokeland”—an allegory he says needs little interpretation. For that reason, I will provide it as-is, without commentary. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Lisa Beamer Shares Candidly Twenty Years On: “Every now and again, I will think about Lisa Beamer and wonder how she and her children are doing. It’s usually around the 9/11 anniversary that I will remember her husband Todd and then recall her. More than once, I have searched on the internet for news or an interview. But there really isn’t much there. …It’s like she disappeared. But then earlier this evening out of nowhere, I learned that she spoke at Wheaton College to mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11. It is great to see her again and to hear her share so candidly. Don’t miss this one.”

Tim Keller’s Sermon After 9/11: “The city is going to need neighbors and friends and people who are willing to live here and be part of a great city. It may be more difficult and expensive just to be Redeemer for the next few months and years; I don’t know. But if that is the case, the best thing we can do for the city is to stay here and be ourselves, even though it may cost more money or take more time. Maybe we are going to have to be a little less concerned about our own careers and more concerned about the community. So let’s enter in.”

Little Golden Worries: Melissa explains that worries are, “in many ways, my most prized possessions. I’m an expert at conjuring them. They are almost always my closest thoughts, and they sit like little golden statues all along the shelves that line my heart and mind. Gold because they last, because they are alluring, always drawing my eye.”
In Christ,
Pastor Matt​