Midweek Miscellanies (5/12/21) – An assortment of articles, book recommendations, blog posts, podcasts and other links that we hope you find helpful.

Serving is an Identity and a Purpose: Helpful thoughts from Pastor Jeff on serving.

Becoming Women Who Cultivate a Culture of Confession and Repentance:  Helpful thoughts for the ladies.-“How, then, do we become the kind of women who cultivate a culture of confession and repentance to God’s glory? While not an exhaustive list, here are three steps we can take, each one requiring both courage and humility.”

Tips for Students Facing Doubt in the Real World: Helpful thoughts on facing your doubts while in college.

How Not to Help a Sufferer: We all will be called upon to help others who are in the midst of trials and suffering. Here is some wise counsel on what not to do to help.

10 of My Favorite Quotes on Writing: “Over the years, I’ve collected quotes on writing that speak to the craft, the discipline, and the thrill of putting thought into words. On a regular basis, I get asked for advice on writing more or writing better, and I find myself returning to the suggestions implied by these ten quotes.”

A Cold Take On Deconversion (From Josh Harris’s Brother): “I’ve been thinking a lot about deconversion recently, and how we handle it theologically, pastorally, practically and spiritually. Of the various things I’ve read and listened to on this very painful subject, I think this excerpt is perhaps the most helpful. It’s from an interview between Sarah Zylstra and Alex Harris, younger brother of Joshua (well known for kissing dating, and then Christianity, goodbye), and if you’ve been wrestling with the subject yourself, these few paragraphs in particular are worth your time.”

When did you last read a book?: Thoughts on the importance of reading.

How Can I Work Toward Reconciliation with a Friend When We’ve Offended One Another?: “We are in a season where it seems there have never been more strong opinions about a variety of topics, and more opportunities to offend others. To some degree, disagreement and conflict with those we care about is inevitable in a fallen world. And certainly, disagreement isn’t inherently sinful. But sin can easily be involved in our communication and responses. So how do we navigate that with grace, and work towards reconciliation when we do offend one another? Here are some thoughts I shared with a reader who asked for advice.”

Podcast Pick: On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson visits with Matt Smethurst and talks about the important role of deacons in the church, even dispelling some misconceptions many may have when it comes to this biblical office.

In Christ,

Pastor Matt