Podcast Pick: How to Become Fluent in the Gospel with Jeff Vandersteldt

Think You Know the Christmas Story? Here are Five Common Misconceptions: New Testament scholar Michael Kruger on some common misconceptions about Christmas.

The Consensus Best Books of 2020: Here is a list of some of the books that are making a lot of the “best of 2020” lists.

Why Christmas Matters: Tim Keller on the importance of the incarnation.

A Visiting Dawn: I enjoyed this meditation on Advent.

Help! I Don’t Know How to Help My Kids Focus on Christ this Season: Help with helping our children connect with Christ this holiday season.
Spurgeon Reading Plan: I’m tempted to jump into this plan to try to read through all of Spurgeon’s sermons and books by reading daily, but not sure if I’ll make it through the ten years it will take. Either way this post provided some helpful summaries of Spurgeon’s works, and it looks like there may be a modified reading plan that could be a way to benefit more consistently from Spurgeon, but not quite an everyday, ten year commitment.
In Christ,
Pastor Matt