Midweek Miscellanies (6/30/21) – An assortment of articles, book recommendations, blog posts, podcasts and other links that we hope you find helpful.

Free E-Book: This week’s free e-book from the Gospel Coalition is “12 Faithful Women”. “Be encouraged and challenged by these 12 portraits of faithful women who steadfastly endured many trials—including physical pain, persecution, infertility, loneliness, and oppression—and who, in their various sufferings, found Christ to be an all-sufficient Lord and Savior, steadfast, faithful, and true.”

Margin and Wonder: “Embracing margin is a chosen way of living that often paves a path to wonder.”

He Has Not Failed Me Yet – Lessons from Long Suffering: “How do we find hope in the middle of our stories? How do we keep going when life feels relentlessly hard? We hear God whisper again, through his word, Remember. We turn to God when we are in unfamiliar territory, afraid of the future, and we ask him to help us remember. To hold us and remind us that he has faithfully walked through our lives with us.”

How to Start to Read the Bible: “In this post, I will give advice for those of you who want to start reading the Bible but are not sure where to start or what to do. I write with beginners and new believers in mind, but I hope seasoned Bible readers will find benefit as well.”

How I Read (With Pictures): Helpful advice and thoughts on getting the most out of what read.

When I Discovered I Had 3 Fathers: This was a well-written story I enjoyed reading.

Help! I’m Feeling Anxious about . . . Everything: “The good news is that God knew this day was coming and has provided counsel for us to stop worry at its source. And if we can stop worry at its source, we can then stop the resulting anxiety and stress and live more peaceful and joyful lives, even in the midst of worrying times and events.”
In Christ,

Pastor Matt