Midweek Miscellanies (8/4/21) – An assortment of articles, book recommendations, blog posts, podcasts and other links that we hope you find helpful.

This Week’s Free eBook: ‘Coming Home: Essays on the New Heaven and New Earth’: “In Coming Home, a team of eight leading Bible teachers offers us a vision of the new heaven and new earth that doesn’t just impact our view of the future—it also has the potential to change how we live today. These eight essays will stir up within us a longing for our future home as we eagerly await Jesus’s glorious return.”

Practicing Humility at Home: “‘Mom’s the worst sinner in the family,’ my 4-year-old repeated to house guests after our previous gospel conversations about repenting of sin. Apparently. And you know what? There was a time in my life that would have been mortifying. Now, I hear it and think, Yup. Sounds about right.”

Be a Jonathan: a New Perspective on Friendship: I enjoyed reading this helpful perspective. “My tears flowed as I shared my deep sense of loneliness and isolation in this season of life. As I dug deep, I discovered that it wasn’t actually my life circumstances or my job choice that was causing this desire for change, but that I was longing for friendship. It also wasn’t the first time I had said these things. I knew loneliness would come with many of these changes—there are whole books written about loneliness in motherhood!—but it felt like I had done all that I could.”

Parenting Is a Process: Paul Tripp with helpful thoughts on parenting. “What character is required so that we can be part of what God is seeking to do in the lives of our children and not in the way of it? What needs to be done, we can’t do, but we have been chosen to be a ready tool in the hands of the One who is ready and able to do it. If you want to be a sharp and ready tool in the hands of the great Author of change, here are three mentalities that need to shape your parenting.”

The Genius of Flight (Video): God’s creation is incredible. This video explores the many biological systems that make avian flight possible, while showing the compelling evidence for the purpose, foresight, and design on display throughout this part of God’s creation.

Live Where You Live-Practicing a Lifestyle of Presence: An important reminder. “Living where we are makes the world big again. It awakens us to the everyday wonders in our homes, neighborhoods, and churches. It reminds us that the most exciting and urgent matters happen not on screens, but in the successes and struggles of the ordinary brothers and sisters in our small group. It frees us to finally explore the galaxy of glories found here, in this small frame of God’s creation, where the heavens declare his glory, creation chants his praise, and immortal souls live and walk and laugh and weep.”

The Purpose of Sunday is the Re-evangelization of the People of God: Christians need the gospel as much as lost people do. Not in the same way, of course. But just as much.”

HOW TO EMBRACE A LIFE OF PLAIN THINGS: “Most days, I resent the plain things. I long for adventure and meaning, and I’m certain those things aren’t found here, in my ordinary workweek. I start to feel a little frantic, wondering what I’m doing with this life God has entrusted to me. I wonder how I ended up here, and is this really where I’m meant to be? I grasp for opportunities while restlessness lingers beneath the surface. I’m certain I’m in between, always ready for the next thing.”
If We Read Our Bibles, Why Do We Need Sermons?: “The Bible is perfect; preachers are not. So, why listen to the sermons of fallible men when we can read God’s infallible word for ourselves?” John Piper answers this important question.

In Christ,

Pastor Matt