Hi Friends,

I can’t believe it, but this Sunday marks our 3 year anniversary of publicly launching Christ Church. As I reflect on all that God has done in this short period of time, I am truly overwhelmed. God has shown tremendous favor to Christ Church as He uses us to pursue His mission of making, maturing and multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, for the glory of God.

God’s favor makes me even more aware of our need for prayer. Everything that has happened is only of God and so if we want to see God continue to do amazing things, we must remain dependent upon Him. Charles Spurgeon said, “No person can do me a truer kindness in this world than to pray for me.” I think he was absolutely right.

Would you do this kindness for me and pray for Christ Church?

1. Please pray that God would continue to add to our number those who are being saved. We have a ton of baptisms that need to be scheduled as more and more people are coming to faith. I am eager for this to continue!

2. Please pray for our children. They are the lost souls that are nearest and dearest to my heart. Please pray that they would place their faith in Christ, stand up and own their faith through baptism and be used by God in powerful ways. I think there is nothing more dangerous to a church’s future then the false assurance of salvation of their children and nothing more vital to their ongoing impact then children coming to genuine, saving faith. We want to see the next generation rise up!

3. Please pray that God would provide our church with all the finances we need to pursue the missional opportunities in front of us. Our history so far has been one of incredible generosity of people both within and outside of our church. As we continue to grow and have more and more opportunities given to us, our finances are only getting stretched more and more thin. Please pray that God would send money so that we can continue to follow the mission.

4. Please pray for our potential leaders. We have three men who are currently exploring pastoral calling through a 9 month internship and a pastor in training who is in the midst of studying for his ordination exams. Having a team of pastors is crucial to our ongoing health as we grow as a church. Please pray for wisdom as I seek to shepherd these men through this process and please pray that God would continue to provide gifted, called and qualified individuals who can help take us further into God’s mission.

5. Please pray for our community outreaches

  • Easter Egg Hunt- March 31st
  • Easter Outreach-March 31st (Hoping to give out 75 meals)
  • Summer Festival- July 28th
  • Thanksgiving Neighborhood Potluck- November 10th
  • Furness High School Bible Study- Ongoing
  • Transformation to Recovery (Addictions ministry and Recovery House)- Ongoing
  • Sports team chaplaincy-Ongoing
  • Kid’s Circle Time- Ongoing
  • Kirkbride Elementary Faith Based Partnership- Ongoing

6. Please pray for wisdom

We are growing as a church faster than I anticipated and opportunities are coming our way that I never imagined. Please pray for wisdom for myself, and our leadership team, as we seek to be good stewards of all that God is giving us. I feel out of my depth on a regular basis. But I think that is a great place to be! Please pray that God would bless us with supernatural wisdom and continue lead us, so that the glory all goes to Him.


Pastor Jeff