This past Easter was a whirlwind of activity. Thursday night we hosted a Packing Night for the annual Easter Outreach. Easter Outreach is a collaborative effort of over 70 churches in Philadelphia to bless people in our neighborhoods with a free Easter meal. We packed over 600 meals and distributed them to 8 churches in our part of the city for them to share with their neighbors. It was an encouraging night as we sang and prayed together as local churches as an expression of our unity in the gospel and commitment to the mission.

Friday we had a Good Friday service. We had several people read various parts of scripture that speak about the different people who saw Jesus on the day He died. Mary his mother, Simon of Cyrene, the Roman solider, etc… Kristen Catoe did a spoken word for each character to dramatically bring them to life.

Saturday morning we had our first ever Easter Egg Hunt. We did it at our local part and budgeted for about 500 people. That was a big goal, but hey why not? We also had 250+ free meals to give out as a part of Easter Outreach. Again, this was about 3x what we have done in the past, but we felt that God was telling us to take things up a notch and watch him work. God did work, but didn’t prepare us for how much He was going to work. Over 1,000 people came out and we blew through all our Easter eggs and meals! It was simply incredible to see so many people enjoying themselves, to hear so much encouraging feedback and to watch God sowing seeds in people’s hearts of His great love.

What was so encouraging to me about this busy week was the various people who worked so hard to make everything happen. Many volunteers put in long hours and didn’t just work hard, but worked with joy and humility. It was truly an experience of watching the Spirit at work empowering the body for ministry.

We are still a young church that is just getting our feet under us, but I have never been more excited for our future. Please keep us in your prayers and please pray that God would reap a harvest from the many seeds that were sown this past Easter.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff