Hi Friends,

By now you’ve noticed that we have a new sign out front of our church building.  A few months ago, I was sitting out in our APR with the garage door open. I will do this sometimes if the weather is nice outside.  Sitting there gives me great opportunities to connect with neighbors and whoever else might be walking by. On that particular day, someone walked by and then asked me what our building was.  When I explained it was a church they asked, “Why a church?” They had never been to a church and didn’t have much understanding of what went on in a church building. We had a great conversation, but it got me thinking.  With all the people who walk by our church building on a daily basis, how many of them are asking the same question?  

As our culture continues to become more and more post-Christian, I think it’s important that we continue to find ways to engage those who genuinely have no idea about anything having to do with Christianity.  Hopefully this sign is just one small way to answer a simple question and make people feel a little more comfortable with walking through our doors. I also hope it is a way to express that it’s ok to ask questions.  We are a church that isn’t scared of people asking, “Why church?” We are a church that is welcoming to anyone, from a mature Christian to a confused skeptic. Wherever someone is at, we want to meet them there and by the grace of God, see them grow in their life with Jesus.  Be it a new life, or a deepening of an existing life.  

So I hope more and more people walk by our church building and ask “Why church?”  May we continue to be an outpost of God’s mission here in South Philly.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff