Hi Friends,

We have recently rolled out a variety of tools at our Sunday Service.  All of these can be found at our information table. The goal is for these simple tools to help you engage in the great mission God has given us to make, mature and multiply disciples of Jesus

1.  Grow Card

This is a small post card that gives a few steps to pursue if you want to grow as a disciple of Jesus.  It is designed to be used by individuals and as a way to engage one another

2.  Who’s Your 3? bookmark

If we want to be disciples who make disciples then it is crucial that we have 3 relationships in our lives.  Someone we are spending time with who isn’t a Christian (reach out). Someone who is a Christian and is in a similar season of life as us (walk with).  And someone who is a Christian who will challenge us to grow in our faith (run forward). This book mark gives a space for you to write down each of the names of the people you are pursuing in these categories and then stick that book mark in your Bible and pray during your daily Bible study.

3.  Let’s Pray Together Magnet

This year we are praying that God would grow us in Disciples, Diversity, Deeds and Dollars.  1. 

  1. Disciples:  Jesus gave His church the mission to make, mature and multiply disciples. We want to be see new people become disciples,   existing disciples be matured and a new movement of disciples multiplied out into other neighborhoods all around our city.
  2.  Diversity:  Jesus prayed that his church would be one and so we want to reflect this oneness by being together, even though we are all very different from one another.
  3.  Deeds:  Jesus said that we are to let our good deeds shine before others so that they give glory to God in Heaven- Matthew 5:16.  We want to be a church that is making a difference for good in our neighborhood. Whether people believe like we do or not, we want them to be grateful that we are here, because of the good that we bring, and we can trust that over time this will lead to more and more people seeing the glory of God through our good deeds.
  4.  Dollars:  Jesus said that where our treasure is, there our heart is also.  How we invest our finances shows what we treasure. And so we want to see more and more people treasuring Jesus by investing in his work.  Also, the reality is that our opportunities for ministry far outpace our ability to fund them financially. We need the Lord to continue to supply for our needs as we are dependant upon Him.

Take this magnet home, stick it on your fridge and let’s pray together!

Grateful to be on mission with you!

Pastor Jeff