Hi Friends,

I missed being with you this past Sunday, but I heard you had a rich time together.  As I said in my video, I was away preaching at a youth conference called Rise Up and then at a church called Grace Church in Frisco, TX.  Frisco is a suburb of Dallas and so I was a little wary about going.  But I am pleased to report that there is a beautiful community of Spirit filled, Jesus loving, missionally minded Christians out there.  They are exploring affiliation with our group of churches (Trinity Fellowship Churches).  I’ve known there lead pastor, Craig Cabanis, for awhile. He planted two churches within our old denomination and also served on the leadership team for a few years.  They left for similar reasons to us and are really leaning in to becoming part of this new group of churches that we are helping to start.

It was so encouraging to be in a different part of the country and very different culture, but to see Jesus doing amazing things.  Multiple youth gave their life to Christ and then on Sunday many people responded to the sermon.  I also got to spend a lot of time with their entire pastoral team and was very built up by our fellowship.  We have a ton we can learn from them and I’m super grateful this connection was made.

I still think their football team is a stain upon the earth, but we’ve all got some kind of junk that we are working through. Haha.

Here are some pictures from the trip.  Please keep this church in your prayers!