This year has been tough, but as I took some time to reflect this afternoon, I’m amazed at the many reasons I have to still thankful.

I’m still thankful, because we have seen more people come to faith this year than ever before.

I’m still thankful, because our church staff has been incredible in working tirelessly to reinvent how we do church again and again and again in this ever changing pandemic.

I’m still thankful, because God has proven that He can meet us online, outdoors under a bridge, or split across multiple services.

I’m still thankful, because we’ve had more people participate in our groups than ever before and our church community remains strong.

I’m still thankful, because there have been some amazingly creative people who have stepped up and stepped forward to initiate and lead out of the box ideas for building the body of Christ during this time of social distancing.

I’m still thankful, because we had some amazingly incredible people join our church this year.

I’m still thankful, because our Transformation to Recovery ministry has been able to provide faith based recovery support services for over 50 people this year.

I’m still thankful, because volunteers have helped us provide over 22,000 boxes of groceries to our neighbors over these past 7 months.

I’m still thankful, because our pastoral team has grown in number, continues to be healthy and I get to serve with some of the finest men I know.

I’m still thankful, because while it’s been a rough year financially for the church, our lights are still on and our bills were still all paid.

I’m still thankful, because I get to serve a congregation that texts, calls, and emails encouragement to their pastor who so often needs it.

Mostly, I’m still thankful, because Jesus’ tomb is still empty and so we have a Savior who is ruling and reigning, making intercession for us as He works to make all things new.

It’s been a tough year.  And who knows what next year will be like.  But I do know that I will still be thankful, because God is still going to be faithful.  He mission has not stopped. His purposes cannot be thwarted. Therefore, our best days are still ahead.

I love you Christ Church.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Pastor Jeff