At Christ Church we believe the Bible is God’s revealed word and seek to intentionally build our lives into its truth.  We model this every single week through our Sunday Service liturgy.

Call to Worship directs us to God’s word
Singing is how we prepare our hearts to receive from God’s word
Praying is how we ask God to work in accordance with His word
Testimonies are stories of what God is doing in accordance with His word
Preaching is how we hear God’s word proclaimed
The Lord’s Supper is how we celebrate what God has told us in His word
Singing is how we respond to God’s word
Benediction gives God the final word

I am so encouraged to see how this intentional pursuit of God’s word is beginning to make its way into people’s lives.  At the small group I attend, almost half the group was in the process of reading through the entire Bible. Two people said they had just made it through Leviticus (first time I’ve ever been in a room where two people actually read that book, it’s a doozy).  I am aware of at least 6 different Bible studies that people in the church are doing together all at their own initiative. The ladies of our church started a Facebook group to talk about what they are studying in God’s word on a regular basis and multiple posts go up daily.  

As a pastor it is very easy for me to be aware of all the ways that I need to grow and our church needs to grow.  However, more and more God is helping me to sit back and enjoy watching what He is doing. What better evidence of God’s Spirit being present in His people, then this rich love for His word?  My heart is full and I am so blessed to be part of this community.

The law of your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces. (Psa 119:72 ESV)

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff