This past Sunday we had to privilege of baptizing Jennifer Torres and hearing her testimony of God’s love.  Check it out below.

Hello church, my name is Jennifer Torres and I have been attending Christ church for about a year now. I grew up in church. I got saved when I was 15 years old. But when I turned 18, I moved away and stopped going to church altogether. I started living life my way and looking for love in all the wrong places, in friendships and relationships.  I made a lot of mistakes. I drank a lot, lost my license, and went to jail for a weekend. Through all this chaos and confusion that I brought upon myself, God never left my side. Even though I was lost, I still prayed during these tumultuous times. What is amazing to me is that God was working through me when I wasn’t even attending church. You see, my parents divorced when I was young and they both remarried. They didn’t talk to each other and I had a fractured home.  But a few years ago, while I was still lost, I invited everyone to come and see my new apt and celebrated my birthday. Everybody came and  God used that time together to bring about a friendship between my parents and their spouses. They started spending weekends together and my stepmom and dad invited my Mom and her husband to church and they went. I am proud to say my stepmom and father brought my mom, stepfather, and stepbrother to Christ. I remember when they came home from church and seeing the change and them talking about it.  God restored my family. That’s only something God can do. And it’s the most amazing thing to me. I am just in awe of what He’s done and what He’s continuing to do. Last November I attended my stepfather’s water baptism and made the decision to recommit my life to the Lord.  I started looking for a church where I could learn again what it means to follow Jesus.  I heard about Christ church from my old co worker Marg. She is here today. She was one of the first people I told about coming back to Christ. God has used this church in my life to draw me back to Him.  I’m following Jesus and I won’t ever look back.  I thank God for the Christian relationships that I have formed and has been one of the biggest blessing of my life. I love this church, it’s not just a church I attend every week it’s a family that I visit that shares love for Jesus and each other.

My life Bible verse is: Psalm 73:26 My heart and flesh may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.