Our small groups are a vital part of what we do at Christ Church, as they help us to grow deeper relationships with each other, and position us to pursue our mission and vision together. These groups gather on a bi-weekly basis in various people’s homes to share life with one another over a meal, in a Bible study and through prayer. New people are always welcome!

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Dickinson Square West – TUESDAY Night

Ecclesiastes Bible Study led by the Neumanns

For these two months, we will examine the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. Of all the books in the Bible, this is one of the most frustratingly confusing, but we can greatly benefit form trying to understand the wisdom presented in the book.  The truths in Ecclesiastes can help us better understand the variety of worldviews present in the world today, as well as give us insight into the suffering, evil, justice, faith, and more.  

We meet on Thursdays at 6:30 PM (includes dinner)
For location info please call (856) 655-0454 or email

Passyunk – Tuesday Night

Colossians Bible Study led by The McCurleys

We will be studying Paul’s letter to the Colossians. This letter pairs rich truths about Jesus with practical application for day to day living. We will look at how knowing Jesus not only increases our understanding of who God is but also results in a complete transformation in how we live out our faith.

We meet on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM (includes dinner)
For the location please call (410)688-6310 or email at

Pennsport – Wednesday Night

Joshua Part 2 Bible Study led by The Nussbaums

This spring, we will be studying the book of Joshua. We will learn how the Lord leads Israel into their promised land, how God’s chosen people continually doubt and sin against Him, and how our salvation can only be found in the work of Christ.

We meet on Wednesdays at 7:30 PM (includes snacks)
For the location please call (860) 830-9947 or email

Pennsport – Thursday Night

Luke Sermon Follow-Up Bible Study led by The Magitzes

All are welcome to join us as we spend time as a small group encouraging and challenging each other as we follow up to the sermon series in the Gospel of Luke! It can, perhaps, be ask to quickly move on from a sermon preached on Sunday, but we seek to slow down and explore the implications of each passage for our life together.

We meet on Thursdays at 7:00 PM (includes snacks)
For the location please call (609) 519-1673 or email

Girard Estates – Thursday Night

Psalms Bible Study led by The Crowells & Slingerlands

The Psalms in the Old Testament aren’t just a bunch of old songs that no one can remember the tune to; they are a window into the lives of ancient men and women of faith.  Join us as we dive into the past and understand how these songs can shape our present view of God.

We meet on Wednesdays at 6:45 PM (includes dinner)
For the location please call (856) 296-1195/(732) 585-0588 or email /