I interrupt your holiday festivities to give a post specifically for parents.  Parents, I just saw a stat that should freak you out.  The average age a child will first be exposed to pornograpgy is 8.  That needs to get our attention. If we aren’t talking to our kids about sex, then we are leaving it up to the world to do so.  Is that really what we want to do?

I know it can be hard.  I know it can be awkward.  We aren’t sure what to say or how much to say.  But we need to say something. We need to have these conversations.  And they should be ongoing conversations. We should want our children to understand, not just the do’s and don’ts, but God’s beautiful purpose for sex.  We do not want sex to be something they fear, or something they are ashamed to talk to us about, but an open conversation where we can help shepherd their hearts.  

Here is a great resource that walks you through that first conversation with your child and hopefully sets you up for more conversations to come.


In our increasingly sexualized culture, it is crucial that we as Christians reclaim sex for the gift of God that it is and take responsibility to provide our children with true sex education.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff