Hi Friends,

I am really excited about our new sermon series on the Holy Spirit and how I believe God is going to use this time in the life of our church. If you’d like to get further into study, here are a few recommendations.

Entry level

1. The Forgotten God by Francis Chan

Not a very theologically precise book, but it will whet your appetite to know more of who the Holy Spirit is and how He is meant to work in your life.


2. The Sovereign Spirit by Martyn Lloyd Jones

At some point in their life, every Christian should read something that Martyn Lloyd Jones wrote. This book is not a bad place to start.

3. Keep in step with the Spirit by J.I.Packer

A great book by one of the great modern theologians.

4. Father, Son and Holy Spirit by Bruce Ware

A great book on the doctrine of the Trinity. Pretty thorough theological treatise, but very concise and easily read.

5. Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves

Another great book on the Trinity that really emphasizes how the Triune God necessitates God being a God of love in his very nature. Really powerful read.


6. The Holy Spirit by Sinclair Ferguson

One of the best books I have read on this subject. I think he writes in a pretty easily understood manner as well, although the book is a bit long.

7. Showing the Spirit by D.A. Carson

An exposition of 1 Corinthians 12-14 and in my opinion, the best commentary written on those 3 chapters of the Bible

8. Empowered by the Spirit by Gordon Fee

An exposition of every single mention of the Holy Spirit in the writings of Paul. Very long, very technical, but if you can wade through it, an incredible read that will stir your affections for God the Holy Spirit.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff