Jeff Boettcher - February 19, 2022

Digging Deeper Podcast - Episode 18

(1:01) Will our pets really not be in heaven? (9:02) Will we have gender in heaven? (14:35) What does it mean to be either male or female? (25:01) What is the difference between being complementarian versus egalitarian? (27:45) Why would someone's physical gender take priority over what they feel in their minds about their gender? (37:03) Since gender reassignment surgery was not an option when the Bible was being written, how can Scripture speak to the morality of it? (41:05) Shouldn't we just keep our views about abortion private and not try to impose our sense of morality on others? (48:36) Are you suggesting that people should not be single issue voters? (56:55) What about women's rights in general? (1:04) Why are we doing this sermon series and why these topics? (1:09) What does it look like for us to bring Christ into these conversations?

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