Outdoor Gathering

We are excited to announce that we are now offering in person outdoor worship services. We understand that not everyone is going to be able to participate in person, and we support the decision that each individual feels led to make. So we will continue to livestream our services as well on our Church Online page.

For those who are ready, we think that gathering in an outdoor space will be a safer way to transition back to being in person. Our new gathering space is one block away in the space where the day camp meets underneath the I-95 overpass at Front and Mifflin, generously provided by the Edward O’Malley Athletic Association.

We meet at 10am

Check out this video to get a feel for what our outdoor service is like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4Be5iHpRAU

In this gathering we are taking the following precautions, based upon CDC guidelines and recommendations from the city of Philadelphia.

  • We are requiring everyone to wear a mask pre-service and post service as we mingle with one another.
  • We are requiring each household sit with a minimum of 8 feet of distance from one another. There is plenty of space to spread out, so feel free to sit even further apart.
  • Since we will be distanced by a minimum of 8 feet, we are not requiring masks to be worn during the service, except when we are singing. When we are singing we will ask masks to be put back on.
  • Our service is at 10am and is 60 minutes long.  Children are welcome to come and participate with us.  Our children’s ministry will continue to only be held online on Saturdays.

Here are some FAQ’s that you might find helpful as well:

What about the weather?
This space has great light, but is also completely shaded with a really nice cross breeze. 8 guys were working hard for several hours to get everything setup in our practice run and not one of us broke a sweat. It feels about 10-15 degrees cooler than the temperature under the sun. Also, since it is covered, we will be meeting rain or shine.
Is there parking?
Yes! There is a large parking lot on the other side of Mifflin St. that is available for public use.
What should I bring?
Think of this as like going to the park. The only things there will be what you bring. So please bring chairs to sit on, blanket if you want to spread out, and whatever food or drink you want.
Are there bathrooms?
We will not have bathrooms onsite. Again, think of this as being at a park. When you plan on going to a park for an hour or so, you usually try to relieve yourself beforehand. We recommend the same for our church service. However, our church is only a block and a half away and we’d be happy to let you use our restrooms there.
Will there be Children’s Ministry?
For now, we will continue to keep our children ministry online on Saturdays at 10am. However, we hope the space gives you plenty of opportunity to keep your child occupied during the service and that the 60 minute service length will help as well.

We hope to see you gathering with us whether in person or online! If you are looking for additional church resources please go to our Church Online page

If you have any questions please contact us