Jeff Boettcher - February 7, 2022

Digging Deeper Podcast - Episode 17- Untwisting the Truth about Sex

(1:09) Series Recap (4:50) Why address controversial cultural topics? Wouldn't it be better to not address these things, rather then risk turning people off? (10:15) It seems really hard to say that someone who has homosexual desires should deny those desire. Why would a loving God want that for someone? (15:10) Are there multiple ways we can experience intimacy? (20:26) What does it look like to have compassion for someone without condoning their sin? (28:11) How do we know when it is the right time to speak truth? (35:15) Are homosexual desires sinful or just the practice of homosexuality? (41:32) What do you do if someone says they are a Christian, but are living in a homosexual relationship? (55:30) How can we help our youth navigate this issue?

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