Hi Friends,

This week most of us received our government stimulus checks.  I know that for some of you this is bringing much needed relief.  I praise God and thank Him for His provision!  For some of us though, this also presents an opportunity.  Not an opportunity to go out and splurge on that nice thing we’ve been eyeing up for months.  But an opportunity to consider how we can invest this money that God has given us.  Jesus tells us that true riches are found when we give away our wealth to build His kingdom. (Luke 12:15-21). God is giving us an opportunity to invest in His kingdom.  How will you do that?  Should you tithe 10% to our church?  Can you also contribute to our church’s financial relief fund for people in need? Do you have a connection to be able to get money overseas to help out those who are most vulnerable? (If nothing comes to our mind about that, I’d love to give you some suggestions!)  How is God leading you to pray and think about this opportunity that He has provided?

In a time of a lot of challenge, Angie and I have found so much joy in thinking and praying about how we can put this money to good use for God’s purposes.  I am eager for each one of you to experience that same joy.

May we all be wise investors.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff