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Class name: Hard Questions for the Christian Faith

Synopsis: There are questions that we can have, or that can be asked of us, that can set our mind into all kinds of disarray. Questions like, how could a loving God allow so much suffering, or isn’t Christianity homophobic and hasn’t science disproven Christianity? But what if these hard questions for the Christian faith were all actually sign posts leading the way into a deeper experience of faith? Come out to this class as we seek to explore hard questions and see how they lead us to Christ. The class will run from 8:45am-9:30am on Sunday mornings and child care will be provided.

1/26: Aren’t we better off without religion?
2/2: How can you say there is only one true faith?
2/9: Why can’t I be free to live as I see fit as long as I don’t hurt anyone?
2/16: How can you take the Bible literally?
2/23: How could a loving God send people to Hell?
3/1: How could a loving God allow so much suffering?
3/8: Isn’t Christianity homophobic?
3/15: Doesn’t Christianity denigrate women?
3/22: Doesn’t the Bible condone slavery?
3/29: Hasn’t science disproven Christianity?
4/5: What’s Your Question?

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