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Covenant Mercies

Covenant Mercies is an organization that exists to serve orphans in collaboration with indigenous local churches in the developing world. Through Covenant Mercies’ indigenous partnerships and years of ministry experience in Sub-Saharan Africa, they have learned that effectively breaking cycles of poverty means a significant and intentional investment in the education of children. This year we have the opportunity to again help Lighthouse Christian School in Zambia as well as Hope Community Primary School in Uganda build their libraries by purchasing books which will be delivered to their school in February. You can participate in one of two ways:

  1. Select a title from the display in the church lobby for Hope Community Primary School any Sunday between now and December 19, 2021. Collections of purchased items will take place every Sunday at the church building between now and January 2, 2022. 
  2. Purchase a book from the Amazon wish list for Lighthouse Christian School (scan QR code).  If you buy a book from the online wish list you can either bring it to church or have it shipped directly to the Covenant Mercies office.

For more information on Covenant Mercies, Lighthouse Christian School, and Hope Community Primary School visit:

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