Hi Friends,

As we continue to navigate life under quarantine, I want to do a three part blog series on how we can still be the church during these times.  The church is not a building, or a set a programs, but a gathering of people. We are the church.  And so while the way we normally do church has changed, the fact that we can still be the church has not changed.

Today, I want give some thoughts about how we can be the church through our Sunday Service.

  • Our Sunday Service continues to be the most important part of our church as we gather together to sing God’s praise and to hear preaching from God’s word.  The Christian faith is a corporate faith.  Church means gathering, so it is crucial that we continue to gather together under the word of God.  Praise God for technology that allows us to do this virtually.  While virtually gathering will never take the place of physically being together, it is a blessing during this time.
  • While we are in separate places, it is important for us to still be gathered all at one time.  So don’t just tune in when you can, or think that you’ll “just watch it later”.  Seek to be present from start to finish.
  • Take out your Bible and use something to take notes. I believe God is going to speak to us in unique ways during this time and we are going to want to be able to look back on it in the future.
  • Sing along out loud with the music.  Give verbal agreement during the preaching. Be vocal.  I know it might seem awkward.  But it is just as awkward (if not more) for our music leaders to lead in an empty room and for me to preach to a camera.  Being vocal will encourage your heart to engage in what’s happening.  Your mind will more active, you will retain more and if you have kids it’s a good example for them.
  • I can’t believe I’m writing this, but go on Facebook if you can.  We live stream the service there and you will be able to check in to our church, leave comments, hit “like” when something happens in the service that touches your heart, and interact in a bunch of different ways.  I’m usually pretty wary of social media, but I think this is a time when it can be a real blessing and help us all feel more connected. So bookmark this page https://www.facebook.com/christchurchsouthphilly/?ref=bookmarks
  • Watch the service on the largest screen you have.  It will help you feel more “there.”  Here’s a video that can show you how to connect your TV to your laptop.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s532CgZNrMgyou.  All you need is an HDMI cable which costs about $10 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/dynex-4-hdmi-cable-black/6165873.p?skuId=6165873
  • Find a way to give your financial offering during the worship service, so that you continue to connect your giving to worship.  If writing a check, consider writing it while you are watching the service or right after.  If giving online make sure to pray as you fill out the information https://christchurchsouthphilly.org/give/.
  • Consider joining us for our pre-service prayer meeting at 9am.  I’ll send out a link in the Sunday preview.
  • Text good morning to someone and let them know you are praying for them.  Call someone after the service and talk about how God was speaking to you.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff